Brian Gottlob is Principal of PolEcon Research, an economic research firm based in New Hampshire.

PolEcon specializes in identifying, understanding and communicating emerging economic, demographic, energy, fiscal, labor market, real estate, and public policy trends at the intersection of private sector activity and government policy, where public sector action or inaction can significantly impact the growth, development, and profitability of individual businesses, industries, not-for-profit organizations, and geographic regions.

PolEcon clients include for-profit firms in the energy, financial service, telecommunications, education, real estate, and legal/lobbying industries, not-for-profit organizations, trade associations, think tanks, as well as government, economic development, and human service organizations. PolEcon services include economic, demographic, and fiscal policy analysis and forecasting,  fiscal and economic impact analysis labor market analysis, market research, economic development strategy, and survey research.  PolEcon’s commitment to clients extends beyond preparing insightful reports.  We provide models and tools that allow clients to continually assess how economic, demographic, labor market, fiscal and other trends, as well as changes in public policies and regulations will impact their region, issue, project, or organization.  More importantly, our models and tools allow clients to communicate those impacts, in real-time, as public policy decisions are being made.  For more information contact PolEcon at:



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